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Message from the Board Member, DPS Dibrugarh

Shri. Amit Agarwal
Board Member

Welcome to DPS Dibrugarh: A world of education … an education for the world!

“The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next.” -Gautam Buddha

Excellence is a journey and not a destination. The price of excellence is discipline, perseverance, determination and focus. At DPS Dibrugarh, we wish to inculcate in the students the passion for excellence and give them the strength of someone who dares to dream and conquer. Whether it is academics or extracurricular activities, each child will be encouraged to focus on achieving excellence.We believe in nurturing high intellectual standards along with strong moral values. I am confident that in all our forthcoming endeavours, we will achieve pinnacles of success and glory!

It is our goal to work as partners with you to guide your children through their exciting years at Delhi Public School Dibrugarh.

I am hopeful that the school will be able to carry forward its mission of spreading knowledge to many and playing a stellar role in giving the nation each year a crop of brilliant young men and women who will bring laurels to the country. It will hold high the banner of integrity, nationhood, secularism and unity setting an example of selfless service.

Thank you for joining us.