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It was in 1941 that the Delhi Public School embarked upon its journey, first as Church High School, then Naveen Bharat School in 1947, and finally to Mathura Road in 1949. The Delhi Public School is probably one of the only schools in the country to have such a glorious past, and presently carries a 65-year legacy. Now, more than 180 schools later, we have thousands of students, alma mater and satisfied parents standing testimony to the legacy that is the Delhi Public School. Introducing the newest addition to the family – the Delhi Public School, Dibrugarh – a school that strongly believes every innate ability and trait of a child must be nurtured to help them come into their own and grow to the potential they are born with. It is in our ethos to mould every one of our students into confident, well-rounded individuals with a love for learning, empathy for others and an ability to think globally.

Our Vision

To equip a child to take on the world with confidence and blaze a trail through life, independently.

Our Objective

To make learning an important resource for a child’s social behaviour and personality.

Our Path

To provide value-based education to accomplish the objective.